Commercial mediation

Mediation is a process for dealing with conflict, in which impartial third parties – trained in mediation techniques – support the parties who are in conflict so that they can arrive at an amicable solution to their differences. The parties themselves agree on the options and the desired results of the negotiations, in which they participate of their own volition and with complete confidentiality. Compared with the legal route, the advantages of settling a conflict through mediation lie in the fact that both the process and the solutions can take into account extrajudicial factors, such as relational and economic aspects, as well as cultural and personal ones.


Known primarily in the area of family law, mediation has the same advantages in commercial and contractual relationships, particularly when the parties are obliged to or wish to maintain business relationships or are engaged in long-term projects. Mediation is therefore an effective conflict resolution tool in the construction field, between shareholders, and in relationships between manufacturers and suppliers.

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