Any of us could find ourselves one day on the wrong side of the law or may be a victim of crime, and thus need a lawyer to defend our interests in court. The Criminal Procedure Code provides for the right to have a lawyer present during initial questioning by the police or public prosecutors. Throughout all stages of a criminal case, the defence needs to put in place an appropriate strategy to respond to the accusations, decide how the suspect should exercise his or her rights (for example the right to remain silent, the right to consult the case file or the right to participate in certain investigative actions), analyse evidence and request additional evidence. In some cases bail needs to be applied for or, in the event of conviction, it may be necessary to file an appeal or even deal with issues relating to enforcement of the sentence. As regards the complainant party and the victim, the involvement of a lawyer is often indispensable, amongst other things, in order to file a criminal complaint, to request a restraining order or to uphold the right to intervene in the procedure, as well as the victim’s own economic interests as a civil claimant.

The firm r&associés has a SBA specialist in criminal law as well as various lawyers specialising in this area, who can advise you (What are your rights? How will the criminal procedure unfold? What are the risks involved?), uphold your interests and assist you throughout the entire criminal procedure.