Family law

Everyone knows that in the case of divorce or even marital difficulties, the help of a law firm is unavoidable. Most cases result in an amicable settlement, but often it is not that easy to reach such an agreement when you have to decide on the allocation of parental authority, alimony, the division of assets and liabilities (frequently this also requires the services of a notary), occupational pension schemes, etc. But family law also affects many other aspects. For example, solutions need to be found to problems related to the children of unmarried parents, the funding of vocational training or education – even beyond the age of majority – and for the support of aged or disabled parents. Family law also governs the conditions pertaining to the adoption of minors and even people over the age of majority. This is an extremely complex field – especially if there is an international dimension. Legislation on same-sex partnerships has recently been enshrined in Swiss law and this raises new questions. Finally, the protection of adults through legal guardianship (voie de curatelle) – formerly tutelage law – also covers a vast field of delicate and difficult cases, at a time when an ageing population means that increasing numbers of people are unable to manage their affairs without outside help.

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