Criminal law

You do not need to be a criminal to be involved in a criminal case. Anybody could potentially find themselves accused of a crime or be the victim of a crime and require an attorney to defend their interests and protect their rights in what is a stressful situation – irrespective of which side of the legal process they may be on.


The introduction in January 2011 of a new criminal procedure code has greatly improved the rights of all parties – accused, plaintiff or victim. In particular, the changes now allow the presence of counsel during the initial hearings, both before the police and the prosecutor. In all stages of a criminal case, the accused’s defence requires the development of an appropriate strategy to deal with pressure from the authorities, to call for necessary investigative measures to be taken, to request release from custody where necessary and, in the case of criminal sanction, to prepare an appeal or legal remedy or even to deal with issues related to the execution of sentences. And from the point of view of the plaintiff or victim, the intervention of an attorney is usually essential to, among other things, file a criminal complaint, obtain an urgent restraining order or take measures to preserve financial interests. During the trial, an attorney ensures that the investigation is conducted properly. He or she is also able to calculate the amount of financial claims that the plaintiff or victim may make.

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