Both land planning law and environmental law have become increasingly more complex in line with society’s growing awareness that new land will not always be available for exploitation and it is absolutely essential to better organise land usage. Today, with global warming, land usage and sustainable natural resource exploitation have become major issues. This means that public bodies have to adapt their plans (development plans, zoning plans) and scale back building areas, which in turn calls for coordination and striking a balance between what may in some cases be conflicting interests (densification, nature and landscape protection and the conservation of architectural heritage). Regulations have become highly complex and call for scientific expertise based on in-depth analysis (including in particular impact assessments).

Within this context, legal advice obtained from a specialist lawyer may prove to be extremely precious or even indispensable, whether for private individuals, legal entities or environmental protection organisations. Here are some examples from our past experience: Can a municipality reclassify a land parcel to a building zone? Is an operator allowed to instal a 5G mast? Can an industrial operator put up wind turbines in a protected zone? It there any justified reason for destroying a biotope in order to build a new road that will end up causing additional nuisance?

On the other hand, the services provided by one of the specialist lawyers from the firm r&associés can enable a developer, a contractor or a public entity (municipality or canton) to make sure that its project complies with legal requirements and that an opposition or appeal can be successfully defended.