Contract law is closely intertwined with everyday life. Whenever we buy something in a shop or online, rent somewhere to live, buy a house or a car, refurbish a home, get a job or set up a company (SA, Sàrl, etc.), we will be moving in an area falling under contract law. These various types of contract are governed by a common core of rules, although also by various individual rules specific to each type of contract. In order for a contract to be negotiated and concluded, both parties need to reach agreement, whether it is a contract of sale (for movable or immovable property), an employment contract, a lease, an agency agreement, a contract for work or a partnership agreement.

In the event of any dispute, the applicable rules can also differ considerably, as well as the protection provided for by law for each of the parties. The courts often end up interpreting the terms of the contract in an attempt to establish the actual intention of the parties. Special attention therefore needs to be paid when drafting and before signing a contract.

The firm r&associés has various skilled lawyers who can answer your questions, advise you regarding the drafting of your contracts and represent your interests, in particular in the event of any litigation.