Employment and civil service law

Employment law is one of the areas that most often come to the fore, in the spheres of both private and public law. Ordinarily, a number of characteristics vary according to whether the working relationship is established with a private individual or with the State, a commune or other public authority with decision-making powers.


Particular attention must be paid to the written contract right from the start of negotiations to ensure effective coordination with social services and to respect fiscal requirements. This is particularly important for expatriates. As soon as an appointment is made, the employer and employee need to clarify questions relating to salary, reimbursement of expenses, overtime and even the general organization of the company, for example by defining staff conditions or stock option plans. For risky activities, particular attention must be paid to the responsibilities assumed by one or other party, as well as to codes of good practice.


The end of a contractual relationship, whether or not it is amicable, often gives rise to intense discussions on financial settlements, work certificates, and possible allowances, not to mention issues such as release from the obligation to work out notice and non-compete clauses.


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